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We have created an increasingly challenging programming for 5-8 graders in our new Workshop Lab. We are not offering this program for Spring 2021 but we hope to be back this Fall. Please visit our Workshop page for grades 5-8 programming. 

We are so excited to take our tweens to the next level!



A different show is produced each season: fall (Sept-Nov), winter (Jan-Mar) and spring (April-June). Registration begins approximately 2-3 months before the program starts.  Tuition prices are listed on each show's page (click the show titles listed above). Make sure you join our email list so you get our monthly newsletter with registration start times, as this program often begins to sell out the night it opens. Please check our summer page for July/August programming.


If you have questions about registration, please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Click one of the shows above for a full schedule and to sign up.





STANDARD AGREEMENT Click here to read our Standard Agreement.

REFUND POLICY There are no refunds or credits.


For Sessions 1 – 8: Children may take up to 1 absence. Additional absences due to illness are permitted solely at the discretion of the director. Children may also shadow up to 2 rehearsals. If a child is 30 minutes late to rehearsal twice, this will count as one full absence, per the absence policy.
For Sessions 9 – 10 (Mandatory): Children are required to participate in the dress rehearsal and the final dress/performance for his/her own cast. Switches, shadowing, and absences are not permitted for Sessions 9 or 10.
The Random Farms Lab schedule is designed to be manageable for families and children. The commitment is just once a week, with only one extra rehearsal right before the show. Each performer can take up to one full absence, plus up to two "shadows," which allows performers to come during another section, if they have a conflict during their own time. The mandatory rehearsals leading up to the show are extremely important and ensure that every cast member is comfortable and prepared when it is time to do the show.

• Please do not register if you have more than 1 conflict that cannot be resolved by "shadowing" (i.e. coming during another section).
• Please do not register if you have to shadow more than twice.
• Neither the first dress rehearsal nor the final dress rehearsal may not be missed or shadowed.  If a performer misses (or is late to) either of these two mandatory sessions, he/she will not be permitted to perform in the show.
• Rehearsals marked as mandatory may not be missed or shadowed. If a performer misses, is late to, leaves early from, or does not participate in any of these two mandatory sessions, he/she will not be permitted to perform in the show.



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