Parents, please read this important information before signing your child up for an audition.

Casting Policy / Financial Commitment:
When registering for an audition appointment, you will be asked to list the casts for which your child is available and any roles that s/he is willing to accept. If Random Farms is able to cast your child in a role and a cast that is marked as acceptable on the registration form, then you are responsible for paying the program tuition. When registering for an audition appointment, no payment is required.  If you child is cast in the program, we will ask for payment before the cast list is posted. There are no refunds or credits if your child leaves the program. If you child is not cast in the program, there are no charges.

Financial Aid:
If you are seeking financial aid, please complete the Financial Aid application before registering for an audition. Click here for more info.


We have a new registration system as of December 2018! These instructions may help you navigate the process if you have trouble.

STEP 1: Click the orange "Audition" button and fill out an audition form.

STEP 2: Make note of your audition date and time!  Your confirmation email will contain an attached PDF with your selection if you forget.

STEP 3: Should your child be cast in a role that was marked as acceptable, we will notify you and provide a link for cast registration and payment.  

STEP 4: Once all cast registrations are complete, we will post the cast list with roles.


The Edge audition registration starts June 21!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I cancel or reschedule an audition?
A: Email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Please do not sign up for more than one appointment per performer or all appointments will be deleted.

Q: My child doesn't have a headshot - do we need to get one for the auditions?
A: No. Any recent snapshot or school picture is fine.

Q: My child doesn't have a resume - what should I do?
A: Don't worry about it - there is a place to fill in all necessary information on the online registration form.

Q: I'd like to create a resume. What should it have on it?
A: The most important part of the resume is the performer's name and phone number! Make sure to also include address and height. Then add any relevant experience or training. A resume is optional for these auditions.

Q: Do you need to have prior experience to audition?
A: Nope - all are welcome!

Q: If my child is not called back for a production, does that mean that he/she will not be cast in the show?
A: Not at all - we frequently cast performers without a callback.

Q: If my child is not cast, is it appropriate for me to call the theater to find out why?
A: No. Please email questions of this nature to our Artistic Director ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )

Q: Does my child need to dress up for the audition?
A: No. Performers should dress however they feel most comfortable. They should either wear or bring footwear that they can dance in (i.e. sneakers, jazz shoes, ballet slippers).

Q: Can I watch my child audition?
A: We ask that parents please wait outside in the waiting area while their children audition.

Q: What kind of dance will be taught at auditions?
A: For any productions that include a dance element, a short musical theater/jazz combination will be taught.

Q: Does my child need to prepare a dance routine for auditions?
A: No.

Q: Will there be an accompanist at auditions?
A: For Mainstage auditions, there will be no accompanist provided as performers will sing to taped music, karaoke style. For Edge auditions, an accompanist will be provided.

Q: If my child is called back, what should he/she be prepared with?
A: Music and sides (lines from the script) will be posted on our website after the auditions.

Q: If my child is called back, does he/she need to memorize the lines from the sides that he/she is given?
A: Nope - performers may hold the printed lines during the callback. We encourage them to be as familiar as the can with the material so they can occasionally look up from the paper and add as much expression as possible!


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