Congratulations!  It was fantastic to see so many talented performers over the past two days.  We are always blown away by the amazing talent we get to see!

I have listed the callback list below as a reminder for those who were called back. If you see your name listed below, please arrive for the assigned time block and be prepared with the corresponding callback material.  The material can be found at the following link:

Please read all the way to the bottom of this list as many people are called back for multiple roles and will be needed at multiple times. If you did not attend the initial audition on Monday or Tuesday and are attending the makeup audition instead, please be prepared with the callback material in case you are asked to stay for callbacks on Thursday.  You will be allowed to leave as soon as you have performed all of your callback material.

If you are not on this list, you still may be cast in the show.  We are not calling back for all roles.

If you have any questions, feel free to email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Dorothy (5:00pm 5:30pm)

Alexia Anglade

Livy Bergstein

Olivia Conniff

Stephanie DiFiore

Peyton Ella

Emilia Franco

Hayden Gelman

Abigail Harrison

Catie Harvey

Katie Jandrasits

Alexis Killeen

Grace Kelly Kretzmer

Alison Leff

Jessica Leff

Amanda Licht

Alice O’Connell

Penelope Peters

Faith Pyle

Chloe Smith

Ella Stevens

Katerina Trantza

Brielle Withers

Isabella Zahl


Glinda, Wicked Witch, Auntie Em (5:30pm 6:30pm)

Jacqueline Banford (Glinda, Auntie Em)

Lillian Bennett (Auntie Em, Wicked Witch)

Livy Bergstein (Glinda, Wicked Witch)

Molly Bochner (Auntie Em)

Olivia Conniff (Glinda, Auntie Em)

Amanda DiFalco (Auntie Em)

Emilia Franco (Glinda, Auntie Em)

Kathryn Fugazy (Auntie Em)

Cameron Gamble (Auntie Em, Wicked Witch, Glinda)

Daniella Gerbasi (Glinda, Wicked Witch)

Alana Gould (Auntie Em, Wicked Witch)

Rose Hanish (Auntie Em, Wicked Witch)

Abigial Harrison (Glinda, Wicked Witch)

Eliza Heaton (Glinda, Auntie Em)

Olivia Hodgson (Auntie Em)

Katie Jandrasits (Glinda, Wicked Witch, Auntie Em)

Samantha Kalt (Auntie Em, Wicked Witch)

Alexis Killeen (Glinda)

Sophia Krembs (Auntie Em)

Grace Kelly Kretzmer (Glinda)

Alison Leff (Glinda)

Casey Leff (Glinda)

Jessica Leff (Auntie Em)

Maggie Lockwood (Glinda, Wicked Witch)

Christina Martin (Auntie Em)

Liliana Matte (Glinda, Wicked Witch)

Samantha Meir (Auntie Em)

Amanda Muscente (Auntie Em, Wicked Witch)

Alice O’Connell (Glinda)

Thea Odice (Auntie Em)

Laura Paternoster (Auntie Em, Wicked Witch)

Penelope Peters (Glinda, Auntie Em)

Faith Pyle (Glinda)

Alexandra Raposo (Glinda, Wicked Witch, Auntie Em)

Leah Rappaport (Auntie Em)

Sofia Ricciarini (Glinda, Wicked Witch, Auntie Em)

Isabelle Sanchez (Wicked Witch, Auntie Em)

Chloe Smith (Glinda, Wicked Witch)

Lydia Steenman (Auntie Em)

Ella Stevens (Glinda, Wicked Witch)

Katerina Trantzas (Glinda)

Anna Uhl (Glinda)

Gabriella Uhl (Glinda)

Maya Weitzen (Glinda, Wicked Witch)

Brielle Withers (Wicked Witch)

Isabella Zahl (Glinda)


Wizard of Oz (6:30pm 7pm)

Nathan Buck

Trevor Fermann

Jonathan Miles

Alex Nalven

Michael Potanin

Aidan Reyzelman

Xavier Rolston

Derek Rudley


Scarecrow / Tinman / Lion

Alexia Anglade (Scarecrow, Lion)

Livy Bergstein (Scarecrow)

Molly Bochner (Tinman)

Nathan Buck (Tinman, Lion)

Amanda DiFalco (Tinman)

Stephanie DiFiore (Scarecrow)

Peyton Ella (Scarecrow, Lion)

Trevor Fermann (Tinman)

Kathryn Fugazy (Tinman)

Hayden Gelman (Scarecrow, Lion)

Alana Gould (Tinman)

Eliza Heaton (Scarecrow)

Rose Hanish (Scarecrow, Tinman)

Abigail Harrison (Scarecrow)

Alexis Killeen (Scarecrow)

Maggie Lockwood (Lion, Scarecrow)

Liliana Matte (Lion)

Samantha Meir (Scarecrow)

Katie Jandrasits (Scarecrow, Lion)

Alison Leff (Scarecrow)

Casey Leff (Scarecrow)

Jessica Leff (Scarecrow, Tinman)

Alex Nalven (Tinman)

Alice O’Connell (Scarecrow)

Penelope Peters (Scarecrow)

Michael Potanin (Tinman)

Faith Pyle (Scarecrow, Tinman)

Leah Rappaport (Tinman)

Derek Rudley (Scarecrow, Lion)

Isabelle Sanchez (Scarecrow, Tinman)

Anjali Schoetz (Tinman, Lion)

Chloe Smith (Scarecrow)

Ella Stevens (Scarecrow)

Katerina Trantzas (Scarecrow)

Anna Uhl (Tinman, Scarecrow)

Gabriella Uhl (Scarecrow, Tinman)

Brielle Withers (Scarecrow, Lion)

Isabella Zahl (Scarecrow)


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